Grace and Peace to you all!

I love how the Apostle Paul starts many of his letters to the New Testament churches with this greeting. Grace (Charis in Greek) a common Greek greeting of that day and Peace (Shalom in Hebrew) a common Jewish greeting as well. Although I hope (if the Lord wills) to study and teach many books of the Bible (not just the Apostle Paul’s), I found Paul’s greeting a most fitting Title for this Blog.

I have had many people ask me for notes on a current study as they have missed a class, or missed a point (because sometimes, I just talk too fast!), or wanted to take time to get even deeper in the Word during the week.

I created this blog to help with all of those requests and more.  I will post the notes from each class here as well as the audio of the class itself after each week.  I hope it is a blessing to each of you and maybe (if the Lord wills it) even to those around the world not in our church!  Feel free to post comments or ask questions. I will attempt to check/add to the site weekly. My prayer is that the Holy Spirit would fill me so that I could accurately and adequately both study and share God’s Word with each of you, and that you will take each thought captive and use these studies for your own deeper dive into His Word!

May we continually study from God’s Word and yield to the Holy Spirit for his leading, wisdom and insight.

Grace and Peace to each of you!

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